Theme Photos

img_9992Nails: Rule of Thirds; Telephoto lens, shallow DoF

dsc_9733Wheel: Framing; Mid-Telephoto lens, shallow DoF

dsc_9731Wheel: Pattern/Symmetry; Mid-Telephoto lens, shallow DoF

dsc_9603Bolt: Leading Lines, Perspective, & Patterns/Symmetry; Mid-Wide Angle lens, large DoF

dsc_9740Umbrellas: Framing; Mid-Wide Angle lens, large DoF

img_9972Cart: Leading Lines; Mid-Telephoto lens, large DoF

dsc_9751Pairs: Framing, Pattern/Symmetry; Telephoto lens, large DoF

dsc_9730Gear: Perspective, Character; Mid-Telephoto lens, shallow DoF

dsc_9696Bark: Leading Lines, Perspective; Mid-Wide Angle lens, large DoF

dsc_9636Sign: Character; Semi-Telephoto lens, large DoF

dsc_9794Sign: Rule of Thirds; Wide Angle lens, large DoF

dsc_9622Lock: Character; Telephoto lens, shallow DoF

img_9914Lock: Rule of Thirds; Mid-Telephoto lens, semi-shallow DoF